The Spirit of Fire Saga — as I use it

David Bergsland
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We'll see if I can make this work the way I hope I can. My intention is to offer the fourteen novels in my latest saga for three dollars a piece as an ePUB with embedded fonts. It is designed to be stored on your computer and then you can just open them in the reader of your choice. It works great on my Mac computer or iPad using Apple's Books App. I don't think Kindle will let you do this, although this is the file I upload to Kindle. They strip out all the fonts and formatting—making the book horrendously ugly in my eyes. It's also the files I upload to D2D, and there is no problem there except for Scribd—as far as I know. The rest of them I have no idea.

So this is fourteen ePUBs, at an excellent price, less than $2.70 each. There are four series and a standalone novel.

The Ascended Light Series: in Albuquerque, the Navajo Nation, and Santa Fe 4 books
#1: Peace in Chaos; #2: Peace on the Res; #3: Peace in Santa Fe; #4: War on Canyon Road

The Truth & Beauty series: in Taos 3 books
#5: Peace in Taos; #6: Truth & Beauty Village; #7: Truth & Beauty's Anointed Living [Nuev'Artesania]

The Stillwater Mission series: two in Stillwater, Minnesota, and a third in Red Wing, Minnesota
#8: Chozen Frozen; #9: Stillwater Battle; #10: Spirit of Fire

The Northfield Development series: in Northfield, Minnesota 3 books and one being written
#11: The Fiery Spirit; #12: Redwing Re•Creation; #13: Haugean Insurgence; #15 in process

The Hagiai Gem Hunters standalone novel: in Albuquerque
#14: Touches of Beauty

A link to the page on my Website with descriptions of all the books in the saga

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You are buying fourteen high quality ePUBs with embedded fonts with the fourteen novels of the Spirit of Fire Saga.

You will actually own these ePUBs even when believing books are cancelled
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Over fourteen hundred thousand words of compelling says the author.
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Free updates and additional novels as they are written. One's in process.
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The Spirit of Fire Saga — as I use it

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I want this!