Writing During the Final Days

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Writing During the Final Days

David Bergsland
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This book is about writing powerful, anointed believing fiction to help with the Final Harvest

With our deliverance in our near future, it’s easy to procrastinate and get a little lazy. However, Christian author, this book is here to let you know that our Messiah has things for us to do. The bad news?

We can’t leave until the Bride is complete

Yeshua [Jesus] is asking us to write and publish powerful Christian fiction to help get the remainder of the Bride saved and prepared for the Great Snatch. We can’t leave until they’re in the Bride.

This book is filled with tips and tricks about things like learning how to write under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, how to share transparently with your readers, what our Messiah expects from us, how much He’s willing to help us in our writing, and much more.

The days of the Church are numbered. After we’re gone, everything focuses on God’s Chosen People, the Jews. The Church has been a two-millennia-long interlude where all Gentiles have been given an opportunity to join in the blessing of the Messiah by faith. The Age of the Gentiles is almost complete.

The King will eliminate the non-believing Gentiles and Satan’s world system, simply known as the World. He will sit on His Throne in Jerusalem, ruling with a rod of iron. He will set forth the law, which will match up with what we know. As God in the [glorified] flesh, He has amazing power to rule. It’s going to be nearly incredible.

We do not know how rebirth into a child of God will be handled in the Millennium. We know it will be a good solution—for the King of Kings is a Good God of Love. But all of that is above my pay grade.

What I know, The Lord has asked me to encourage believing authors to write outrageously powerful fiction which shows the Truth. The Truth is our Messiah. Ain’t it a grand idea!

It’s time to drop the fears of cancellation and concerns about sales, and focus on obedience to the Lord’s call. He’s assured me that he has it covered. All we need to do is seek Him, and follow His guidance.

Time is getting short, people!

I want this!

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