The squared sans Boxy family

David Bergsland
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This family is four fonts, TrueType and OpenType, plus a specimen book

In my on-going quest for display fonts to be used with my books and on my book covers, I decided I need a squared sans serif. I started the build off of Fiscal, a font I designed back in 2006. I never liked the font, plus my tastes have changed. So, I opened it, made it narrower, increased the x-height, and various stuff like that. I made it much heavier—an ended up with Boxy.

Then my brain slapped me and said, "Why don't you make a sorta modern version?" So, I did and decided to call that style Chic. But then I wanted a thin version also. Fiscal was always too heavy and ponderous for me. So, I made the Thin style. Finally, I felt I needed an italic of Chic.

OpenType features didn't work well with the character shapes, so all I added was oldstyle figures. So, I ended up with another of my unique families—with two unmodulated fonts: Thin and Medium, and two modulated fonts: Chic and Chic Italic. But, I'm pleased with it. My hope is that you will like it also. 

  • The four-font family and a specimen booklet

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    1.46 MB
  • The four-font family and a specimen booklet
  • Size1.46 MB
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The squared sans Boxy family

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